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Colosseum Forum And Palatine Hill Tour

3 hours private walking tour

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Visit with us the biggest and most imposing area in the Roman era: Amphitheatre Flavius. A visit to the Colosseum is almost a prerequisite for any first time visitor to Rome.

Why is it called Colosseum? Perhaps he got the name from the enormous statue of the Emperor Nero, “the Colossus” 35 meters high, which stood right next to the amphitheatre and has been completely destroyed. The name Colosseum appeared for the first time in a famous prophecy of the medieval monk Venerable Beda: “Rome will exist as long as the Colosseum does; when the Colosseum falls so will Rome; when Rome falls so will the world”.
Our 3 hours private walking tour covers: Colosseum, Palatine hill and the Forum. Our guide will show you the Ancient city, with stories of the gladiators and emperors, along with the many battles and events that have taken place over the years.

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Skip the line tour

Fully licensed and authorized tour guides

No hidden extras
Operated every day except:
- Special closing days (January 1st – May 1st – June 2nd)
- First sunday of the month (free entry day)
Main sites included: Colosseum, Palatine hill, Forum


Important notes linea

Our tour does NOT include the underground level and the third tier.
Please notice that, even with the printed tickets, you do have to stand in the line for the Colosseum, since there is a security check first.

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